Our team has experience in both the business and technical fields of the pharmaceutical sector. We have worked for international pharma companies and global consultancies, and supported clients worldwide with their business and regulatory challenges.

The idea of creating a company that serves pharma and medical devices companies not only with their technical clinical and regulatory needs, but also with the business of expanding the product portfolio and facilitating partnerships for faster growth came from the clients themselves.

Our clients were increasingly requesting that we help with their efforts to search for the right distributors or to find the products they were seeking on business models aligned with their policies. They were asking us to use our extensive network of clients and experts in order to facilitate better partnerships for them and support their growth even before they had everything ready to set up in new markets.

But the companies we used to work for have a clear set of technical services, clinical and regulatory, and as such, they did not want to divest resources towards a type of servicing that was outside their scope. Gradually, we managed to make time between the regular activities of our jobs to work together with existing clients in licensing projects and partnership facilitation projects at first, and then sought new opportunities, as things got more exciting and successes started piling up.

But without the management’s full support it could not have been viable in the long term. So we decided to open our own shop and use our experience and network to meet this particular need of our clients. We created MedAgora – a combination of Medical and Agora , the marketplace in ancient Greece, which points out to our mission as facilitators of business within the life sciences field.

Years later, we are excited to share our expertise with you, so we can learn and grow together.